RedPay Frequently Ask Question

Frequently asked questions

What is The Red Pay?

More and more people successfully earn on the Internet and receive well-deserved rewards for quality work. The turnover of electronic means of payment is growing every year. In this regard, the number of various payment systems is increasing, but it is very difficult for one person to keep sufficient amounts in each of them. The Red Pay electronic currency exchanger will help solve this problem, allowing you to conduct quick exchanges in various directions with a reasonable commission.
The young and ambitious exchange model The Red Pay was created by a team of enthusiasts with extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, electronic payment instruments, IT, and e-commerce. Own technical platform made it possible to create a reliable and secure platform for the online exchange of funds between individual wallets. We are constantly working to expand the list of available payment instruments and introduce new directions to expand the range of services provided.

Is website is legitimate?

Yes, 100% Legitimate & Legally Registered Under United States Incorporation Law, with Dodd-Frank Act of 2007 (As New York incorporation). Please read our Privacy Policies & Terms of services for more information.

What is the Minimum and Maximum amount can be exchange?

All the Minimum and Maximum amount for an exchange, you can find on our Homepage, by selecting the direction of an exchange over the field “SEND”.
The Maximum amount of exchange is limited, but The Red Pay can exchange for any amount within our reserve, if necessary, The Red Pay can arrange it.

Does The Red Pay offer its services world wide?

We can proudly say this. Yes, we're offering our Exchange & E-wallet services to the world

Still the Bank Transfer facilities are available within few countries & banks only as of now. And our hard working team's are working to grow this tree.

What are the Charges of The Red Pay?

The Red Pay is the leading exchange house and because of our low fees & charges people love to use our service.
We always try our level best to charge you less as much as possible and also we update our charges on regular basis. You can easily get the exchange rates by Selecting your preferred exchange wallets at our HomePage

How many working hours of our service?

Our service and support service works daily 24/7 (without holidays and weekends), but the orders will be process on the Working days only.

What is the ORDER Number and How to track my transaction?

After placing an order, you'll receive the 20-digit Order number (Sometimes also referred to as "ORDER ID") on your transaction page.
Also, you'll get an automated email from us with your Payment description & Order number. Through which you can check the status of your transaction anytime. transaction.

To track your order status, Go to your account section and click on the exchange. 

When and Where I'll get my Refund?

To check the refund policies please visit our Privacy Policies section. 

Time frame depends on the availability and the user. However, most of the time our automated system and bots on our portal, refund money back to the same source. As they're only able to revert the transaction. To get more clarification and more information kindly Contact Us

How do I cancel my order?

We don't have any issue for any order cancellation. On every single stage you'll get an option to CANCEL your order. However, all you need to inform us within 2 hours after the payment is done. Our Exchanger will never ask you a single question while cancellation. 

Also, if the order status is showing "Processed" then it cannot be cancelled or we are not be able to reverse it back in any conditions.

How much time it will take to process any orders / payments / withdrawals ?

Our financial team always try to Process any orders / payments / withdrawals as soon as possible

Also normally, all orders / payments / withdrawals were processed within 4 hours, Still in case of first-time user it can take up-to 2 to 4 business days based on the bank details provided by the user. Also, all e-wallets exchanges usually takes 40 minutes to 24 hours to reflect into your requested wallet.

How does the affiliates program works on

The Red Pay has its own affiliate program through which the users can earn a good amount of $$money$$. Other than this, we do not participate in any other projects. 
You can check our Affiliate Program here.

When and why need my identity & address proof details?

For all the times, you just only need to verify your email address to place an order. But Yes, we need Identity & Address Proof of the user, only in case, the amount is more than the maximum limit allowed. This is just to avoid any fraudulent e-currency transactions & money laundering.
In case any user wants to Exchange or Send / Receive e-currencies below the maximum limit allowed, The Red Pay will never ask you for deep verification

I have an Idea / suggestion. How can I share it?

Great!! We would love to here it and work on that. It will be nice if you can email us at  
--Thank you

I’ve found a bug / mistake etc. What should I do?

We are constantly working on our errors but we are also humans. But thank you for your cooperation. 
Please write us to with the subject Bug / Mistake.